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Bicycle routes on the Mincio

Along the river Mincio, the only emissary of the beautiful Lake Garda, there is a cycle path roughly 43 km long. The cycle route starts in Peschiera and ends in Mantua, winding through picturesque landscapes. The route is perfect for families since the track is completely paved with almost no slopes.Cycling along the river is really very pleasant, especially in spring: the bridges over the river Mincio that from time to time throw you from one bank of the river to the other and the charm of the typical landscapes of this particular Venetian area will leave a lasting impression. What are you waiting for? Get on your bike and let's go!

River Mincio: the cycle route

The cycle route extends along the entire river with a series of places where you must absolutely stop. Here's where a Pit Stop is deserved:
- Peschiera sul Garda
- Ponti Sul Mincio
- Monzambano
- Valeggio sul Mincio
- Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio
- Volta Mantovana
- Pozzolo
- Goito
- Marmirolo

Absolutely Valeggio sul Mincio

After leaving behind the breeze of Lake Garda and pedaling for a while, we arrive at this quaint village. It has been recognised as a "city of art" and is rich in culture and history, from ancient times, passing through the medieval period and up to contemporary history.

Its origins date back to the Longobard age and during the Middle Ages it underwent huge changes due to the attempts at expansion of the Republic of Venice and the local Lords: it is to this period, in fact, that the most important architectural works date back.

Valeggio is a small village but full of things to see. What stands out the most is the fact that it encloses its small hamlet, defined precisely the Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio. If you are in Valeggio and do not stop for lunch in this little gem, you will be missing something truly unique.

Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio

There are not many villages like this: time here seems to have literally stopped. Borghetto di Valleggio is on the river and its most characteristic features are its mills. There are wonderful views, from the endless terraces that are always adorned with flowers, the icing on the cake to make it even more delicious. The light of the sun that appears, to then disappear behind the shadow of the houses form splendid plays of light.

There is nothing to be said: Borghetto is a precious pearl, one of the most fabulous places in Italy. And the most wonderful thing is that no motor vehicles are allowed inside. Everyone is on foot. Or in this case on bicycles.

Veneto cuisine: the Tortellino

If that were not enough, enhancing Borghetto is undoubtedly the delicate Veneto cuisine with its tortellino. Tortellini, tortellini, tortellini as much as you like, obviously handmade and with carefully selected ingredients.

It is the favourite product of the Valeggiana tradition that absolutely must be served during festivities.

Valeggio's tortellino is not just a culinary product that has conquered palates throughout Europe; over time and thanks to the skill of the Valeggiani it has become a real symbol to which the festival of the Love Knot is dedicated, with more than 3000 people who, sitting in the streets and terraces of the village, honor this culinary delight.

Love knot? But why?

It seems that the tortellino tradition did not come about by chance, on the contrary! It is quite probable that it is tied to a legend that will make even the coldest hearts melt. Legend has it that the ill-fated love of the Nymph Silvia and Captain Malco led them to leave a yellow silk drape on the banks of the Mincio as a pledge of their feelings.

But how do you eat this "knot"? The simplicity of the seasoning will leave you stunned: Butter and Sage. That's it. On the other hand, the delicacy of its history and flavour could not be exaggerated.

The Sigurtà park

When talking about Valeggio we cannot fail to mention Sigurtà Park and its gardens, which in 2013 was declared the most beautiful park in Italy and in 2015 the second most beautiful park in the world.

It is an immense green park, populated by millions of flowers and countless plants. Over the course of the year, this floral kingdom gives life to three blooms: in March, the colourful spectacle where over a million tulip bulbs blossom in the Tulipanomania event. In spring, in the month of May, a carpet of roses stretches for a kilometre in the Castello Scaligero avenue. And finally, in summer, hundreds of water lilies, lotus flowers, hibiscus and numerous other flowers paint the wonderful gardens of the park in a carnival of colours.
We must also mention the creation, although recent, of 2011: the park labyrinth, beloved by visitors of all ages where, from the top of the tower at the centre, it is possible to admire the labyrinth's layout.

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